Sam Diaz Nuyorican Writer & Poet

Press photos for Samuel Diaz new book #OurNuyoricanThing to be published by 2Leaf Press... (10)
Sam Diaz Nuyorican Writer & Poet by vagabond ©

A few daze ago i did a photo shoot and video shoot for non-profit publisher 2Leaf Press for their writer Sam Diaz. Sam is a Nuyorican (you can call him that as long as you say it with a smile) writer and poet who has been struggling with what it means to a Nuyorican and what the term means as a label or as an identity.

Sam doesn’t like having his picture taken so it was kind of an ego boost for me that he trusted me enough to not only do the photo shoot but also the book video that we did as well. We shot this in the Bronx on the University Heights bridge at the west end of Fordham boulevard. Sam lives just a few blocks from that bridge and has lived in the Bronx for the past 40 years…

He has a new book coming out called Our Nuyorican Thing which is a selection of poems and an exploration of what Nuyorican means. These are some select photos from the shoot we did. Stay tuned for Our Nuyorican Thing which will be released before the end of the year.



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