No Way Home by Sam LaHoz ©
No Way Home photo by Sam LaHoz ©

No Way Home is my latest film. Shot on 16mm Kodak film with a Bolex in New York City, Red Rock Canyon Nevada and Valley Of Fire Nevada by Jeff “AK” Akers. The music is scored by a group of talented musicians led by Arturo and Joseph Rodriguez otherwise known as Los Bros. Rodriguez aka The Harlem Rhythm Machine. Arturo plays bass and guitar Joseph plays drums, percussions and guitar. They are joined by Kevin Olson on guitar and my brother Mark Beaumont on upright bass. Still photography was done by Sam Lahoz.

No Way Home is a meditation on an idea that i wanted to explore about the nature of God. The thesis being that God is fractured among human beings and that the only way to know God is to fuse these fractures together by recognizing the God in someone else.

Each of the characters represents a single element of a trinity. The first character in the film is the Spirit, the second character is the Mind and the third character is the Body. These three characters are searching for each other in order to settle the dissonance they feel… When they find each other they become whole but their individual journeys eventually break them apart… The brief encounter strengths and invigorates them and they reaffirm their resolve as they each set out to change the world in their own way. The only way to bind the trinity in such a way that it will never be severed again is to open the eyes of the world to the fact that separately we are human and together we are God…

Excerpts from the film
I Am The Journey
A Realist Eulogy For Idealists
No One Speaks Of Love Anymore


2 thoughts on “NO WAY HOME”

  1. Very unrealistic cuz if these Brown people were traveling thru that part of the country and had not yet been pulled over and gotten themselves a beat down and/or arrested by the Police then this could only the figment of somebody’s imagination.

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