COVID 1312

nationwide fire sale
everything must go
confederate monuments
police stations
columbus statues
kkk hoods
it all has to go
oppression lost
its lease in many locations
because no one's buying
this shit anymore
at least
for the time being
bob said catch a fire
dylan said a hard rains gonna come
and jimmy reminded us
the fire next time
and amerikkka’s burning
could save the world
in smoke alarm signals

in bristol the scientists
experimented with
whether or not bronze
slave merchant statues
can swim 
(they can't - the experiment
is a success)
in belgium the rabble
refuse to let
the statue of
king leopld’s ghost rest
using it as fuel for fire
to light the way
from then to now
in puerto rico the rebels
brought a guillotine
to the governor's door
and asked those responsible
to step outside
to settle old colonial scores
delivered in debt sheets
wrapped in promises
for more oppression

this virus
stripped the veneer
off the fuckery
made everyone realize
how hard it is to breathe
with a cops knee
on your throat
or in pepper spray
or in emergency room waiting
and the masks
in mass demonstrations
protected many
providing anonymity 
to covid 1312
but it’s no surprise
that some who resisted
still caught
the bugaloo bug from
tear gas canisters
fired by the blue lives crew
promising to turn us blue
from lack of oxygen
simply for demanding to breathe
the irony lost
on killers
found caught in throats
of victims

but don’t let pandemic
fool you
american fuckery
is working from home
it’s looking 
for new locations
to open up shop
proud boy real estate agents
testing the waters
in your neighborhood
dipping a gentrified toe
in the whites-only gene pool
looking to spread the bugaloo bug 
in Hawaiian camo ar15 cosplay
or in blue uniform
with black taped badge number
either way
street research
has proven time and again
a mask provides
anonymity to covid 1312
wash your hands
of amerikkka
keep your distance
and carry your
huey p newton gun club
membership card
locked and loaded

- vagabond ©

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