Not4Prophet on bench by Jeff "AK" Akers


Not4Prophet on bench by Jeff "AK" Akers
Not4Prophet on bench by Jeff “AK” Akers

LOVE+REVOLUTION is my latest short film. i’ve been working with 2Leaf Press a scrappy little publisher that’s putting out some incredible work both by the iconic old guard old school poets and writers that other publishers have chosen to  ignore for decades like original Nuyorican Poet Jesus Papoleto Melendez and by fresh and exciting new up and coming writers that publishers refuse to gamble on like Not4Prophet. This short film is a promotional piece i did for Not4Prophet’s new book of poetry Last Of The Po’Ricans Y Otras Afro-artifacts, to be released November 25th, 2013. It’s an excerpt from his poem Love+Revolution.

For those who like to dig Love+Revolution was originally recorded as a song by the NYC Puerto Rican punk band RICANSTRUCTION. Not4Prophet was the lead vocalist and lyricist of RICANSTRUCTION. The song was the tittle track to the album and featured Chuck D of Public Enemy. The video highlight’s Not4Prophet’s aggressive rapid fire punk delivery and smooth hip-hop flow and if you listen carefully enough you’ll hear these influences melding together. You can cop RICANSTRUCTION’s Love+Revolution on iTunes. You can also check Not4Prophet’s website AGITARMY.ORG.

The video was shot by my long time DP (Director Of Photography) and best friend Jeff “AK” Akers. Jeff knows how to make beautiful images with less than nothing. HIs sense of space and composition and tone is always in synch with whatever we are shooting. He shot this with nothing but available light. It’s amazing what someone like Jeff “AK” can do when you get out of their way and them him do what they do best. You can see from the beautiful images he’s created here why i trust him so implicitly.

Below are some still images that were pulled right from the video. You see the raw talent that Jeff “AK” has and that i’m blessed to have the opportunity to both work with and have the privilege to call a best friend… Check out his website Brainwashed Films and see some of his other work… For more of the video work that i’ve been doing with 2Leaf Press you can check out the Vimeo album i created…



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