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MVP @ 80

Me & Melvin Van Peebles
Me & Melvin Van Peebles

Yesterday was Melvin Van Peebles birthday. It was the 41st anniversary of his 39th birthday. His birthday was celebrated at a special event at the Film Forum in NYC. The Film Forum honored Melvin by christening the lobby of the Film Forum in his name. His film Sweet Sweetback’s Baadaaasssss Song was a huge influence on my award-winning film MACHETERO. In the above photo Melvin is holding his latest vinyl album ‘Nahh… Nahh Mofo’ from his band Melvin Van Peebles Wid Laxative that i just had to cop and he signed it for me with a single word… ‘HONEST’…

i managed to give Melvin a copy of MACHETERO and let him know how much of an inspiration he was to me. i was overwhelmed with admiration and inspiration after the event @ the Film Forum. When i got home i found this quote from Melvin that was really just the icing on the cake…

“The very first thing we must do is reconquer our own minds. The biggest obstacle to the Black revolution in America is our conditional susceptibility to the white man’s program. In short, the fact is that the white man has colonized our minds. We’ve been violated, confused and drained by this colonization and from this brutal, calculated genocide. The most effective and vicious racism has grown, and it is with this starting point in mind and the intention to reverse the process that I went into cinema in the first fucking place.” – Melvin Van Peebles