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still togethter
still together by vagabond ©

still together
(an old school nyc love story)

lamstons the five and dime
in the subway at rockefeller center
where we met
went out of business

the criterion movie theater
in times square
where we went
on our first date
became a toys r us but is vacant now

the crumbling pier on christopher st
where we kissed for the first time
among the trannies
and homeless gay youth
is all fixed up now

little rickie’s on 1st ave and 3rd st
selling things no one needed
but everyone wanted
with the black and white photo booth
is gone

nell’s on 14th st
where we did
our midweek clubbing
closed down
and never reopened

domsey’s the thrift shop warehouse
where i bought back the leather jacket
i painted for you
that was stolen from save the robot’s
moved to a storefront

cbgb the church of punk rock
where ricanstruction played
couldn’t afford
to renew the lease

everything rough
and jagged
and strange and wonderful
and sad and broken
but working
is gone

but you and i are still together
living proof new york
real estate agents want to forget
you and i remain defiant

still together
living proof
of a new york no one
believes in
not anymore

-vagabond ©
Note: April being poetry month i wanted to challenge myself to have a poem with an accompanying piece of art for each day of the month posted here in this space… Share what you like… both on line and off…
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Both Ends Of A Mystery

Resister 1991 Polaroid by vagabond ©
Resister 1991 Polaroid by vagabond ©

both ends of a mystery

we were working

at the five and dime

in the subway

the first time i saw you

it was shotgun adrenaline

and i was sure of something

for the first time

you were standing there

a strange girl

glowing in that

glorious imperfection

burning both ends of a mystery

– vagabond ©

Background Note: My girlfriend Resister and i went on our first date 23 years and 5 months ago today on a Friday the 13th… We went to the Criterion in Times Square (now a Toys R Us) and saw Die Hard 2… Then i took her down to the Christopher Street Piers to hang out with the junkies and the drag queens where we kissed for the first time as the sun set…

But before all that we met at Lamston’s, a five and dime in the underground arcade of Rockefeller Center just around the corner from the token booth clerk turnstiles. She worked the shelves and the register. i did window displays. It was Christmas time and i told her that i was going to make the best Christmas toy window she had ever seen. She laughed. i couldn’t think of anything else to say…

She was odd and beautiful and very strange. i got fired a few months later but i kept coming back  to Lamston’s to see her because i was haunted by her strangeness. i kept coming back to try to unravel the mystery she was (and still is) to me… i did that for almost three years until that fateful first Friday the 13th in July of 1990… The rest is history and present and future…

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