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An Ongoing Cost To Be Free (Part 11)

Free Maroon Now
Free Maroon Now!

Russell Maroon Shoatz is a US held Black Unity Council and Black Liberation Army political prisoner. He has been in prison for over 40 years. This short film is part nine of a weekly web series of Russell Shoatz III the son of Russell Maroon Shoatz, telling the story of his father.

Working With Hope
In this concluding episode Russell Shoatz talks about his father Russell Maroon Shoatz being a kind of convergence point between ecology based struggles and his own. Russell talks about how ecology based activists reached out to his father and connected their struggle with his. It has a profound affect on Russell Maroon Shoatz. Russell the son also speaks about the work he’s done to free his father and how his father believes that he will one day be free.

Russell Maroon Shoatz has written extensively while in prison, these writings have been distributed around the world. These writings have been collected in a new book Maroon The Implacable and published by PM Press. To order the book go to pmpress.org. There is an ongoing campaign to try to free Russell to get more information or to join the campaign follow @RussellMShoatz or like Russell Maroon Shoatz on Facebook and check out some of Russell’s writings on his blog russellmaroonshoats.wordpress.com.

Shortlink: http://wp.me/p1eniL-10p