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looking for trouble by vagabond ©

reputation with trouble
(for the anarchists)

they say don’t go looking for trouble
but we’re cold turkey
on blue pills
vomiting lies
shaking in fear
trembling in anger
at all the opportunities wasted
the constant indignities of it all
keeping us from sleep

they say don’t go looking for trouble
but there’s no turning back now
our mind is fueled
with a full tank of their hypocrisy
racing and whirling and spinning
can’t down shift the transmission
the brake shoes are gone
we’re cutting into the rotors
and it’s all downhill from here

they say don’t go looking for trouble
but the levees broke
and the levels are rising
while the sewers are overflowing
with the opinions of pundit idiots
cashing checks written by the devil
who draws from a wealth of suffering
while the devils helpers
race to spend it all
before the rapture comes

they say don’t go looking for trouble
but whether or not
we believe what we’re told
whether or not there is some truth
in the lies
or lies in the truth
trouble will find us
they send it out
to seek us out
they make trouble homeless
and encourage it
to squat our soul
and evict our peace

they say don’t go looking for trouble
but how is this done
in a world of trouble
how is this done
when trouble comes
if we resist
when trouble will come
if we acquiesce
when trouble comes
looking for us
like a cop with a quota
like a politician on election day
like a salesman on commission

they say don’t go looking for trouble
as if one had to look
well we’re working on
having the kind of reputation with trouble
that makes trouble for trouble
we’ve been looking into
fighting fire with fire
we want to hear it whispered
to trouble and to those who send it
as we walk by
don’t go looking for them
you don’t want any part of that

– vagabond ©

Note: April being poetry month i wanted to challenge myself to have a poem with an accompanying piece of art for each day of the month… Check back each day to this space for more… And share what you like… both online and off…

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