falling or rising by vagabond ©
vagabond ©

new years eve atheist

new years eve
the void stretches out to greet me
(as it does every year)
i don’t know
what i’m supposed to do about it
the new year over my shoulder
warm on my neck whispering like a lover
that will break my heart
it’s a suckers bet
this exuberance
signing checks with it’s mouth
that it’s ass can’t cash
everyone convinced
it will be different this time
except me
i remember last years betrayal
and the year before that
and the one before that
all the possibilities wasted
on an exuberance
that won’t get past the 2nd of January
as you stand or sit
at the same job (or no job)
with the same lover (or no lover)
the same god (or no god)
the same government
the same president
the same cops
the same bank account
such a sad bunch of suckers
believing to believe
except me
the new years eve atheist
the new year looks like a shitcom rerun
of last year
boring in its familiarity
chance drained
risk aborted
exigency sapped
the potential left to freeze
in a puddle on 45th St and bway
as street sweepers
tare the streamer

  • vagabond ©

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