film unmaking

film unmaking

an image
or a concept
catches my minds eye
a story forms around it
the idea takes root
from within me
to be made
i think about
calling the crew
the usual suspects
jeff, omar, sam, joe
to make it
and then the ground
grows soft
from beneath me
and the practicality of things
mentions something about money
and begins to take everything apart
and it all starts to sink
the idea
still screaming inside me
to be made
like a spoiled child
full of privilege
and demanding more life
driving me mad
with frustration
so i take it to the killing room
in my mind
and strangle it
until it’s dead
leave it on the killing floor
with the rest of the ideas
i strangled before it
and then i mourn
in a quiet rage

-vagabond ©

Note: April being poetry month i wanted to challenge myself to have a poem with an accompanying piece of art for each day of the month posted here in this space… Share what you like both off line and on…



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