reality show by vagabond ©

reality show

the world has already ended
it’s in syndication
and the reruns of history
blur the storylines of the present
becoming less interesting
each time they air
and it’s difficult to separate
the reality from the show
the networks of power
constantly asking us to
please stand by
as it all goes wrong
and so we do so thinking
it’s not supposed to be like this
but unable to turn it off
because there are so many channels
showing the same shit show
as the world ends again
they claim that this is unscripted
but no one really believes that
when despite the horrors
the hollow familiarity
of it all is what comforts us
unable to resist the allure
of the life in the commercial
promising us we can
claim everything of nothing
in exchange for something else
despite the end of the world
having come and gone
and come again and gone
and come again and gone

-vagabond ©

Note: April being poetry month i wanted to challenge myself to have a poem with an accompanying piece of art for each day of the month posted in this space here… Share what you like… both online and off…



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