this is a love song by vagabond ©

this is a love song
(for the ypj)

taught to wait for a solution
while we dug graves
led to believe we couldn’t fight
standing on the edge of a crater
where our lives once stood
the smoke rising to frame our shock and awe
rising to frame our passivity
rising to contextualize our loss

continually forced to accept our fate
as the only alternative ever offered
we reject every message that comes from newspaper tv radio
and from behind government office desks
no longer finding use for such things
no longer taking orders from men in uniforms
and ones who claim to know god’s plan personally
this rejection of your ideology defines our liberation

we find defiance stops the bleeding faster
resistance has more to teach us
than your insistence of our acquiescence ever could
the lessons based in fear have been inverted
to be a terrorism for your terror
we have come to the understanding
that we must be the thesis to your anti-thesis
our anarchy must order your manufactured chaos

this is a love song
not a prayer but a love song
not a prayer because you turned god against us
and in time god will have to answer for his sins as well
this is an uptempo blues song for your oppression
a second line funeral dirge a requiem a folk song
we sing it as we bury your evil alongside our loved ones
so they can rest easy knowing you died with them

– vagabond ©

Note: April being poetry month i wanted to challenge myself to have a poem with an accompanying piece of art for each day of the month… Check back each day to this space for more… And share what you like… both online and off…



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