Bleeding Acrylic

Very few people know that i’m also a painter and so i thought i’d toss that out there for what it’s worth… Most of these were done in the 1990’s, a few in the 2000’s… i paint on un-stretched canvas with acrylic… i roll them up after i paint them in bunches and stand them up in a corner…

i paint the same two characters over and over again… A male and a female… And i paint to music (who doesn’t)… i can name the soundtrack to each and every painting i’ve ever done… i had a one man show of paintings and sketches and scarps of poems at Long Island University at the Brooklyn campus called Sketches Of Pain in 1993… Two more solo paintings in group shows at Clemente Soto Velez in the Lower East Side of NYC… And that’s the extent of my painting CV… And unless you know me personally (and even if you do) you’ve never seen most of these paintings…

i like to think of the paint as my blood and the canvas as a killing floor… Painting is emotionally exhausting for me, so i don’t paint as often as i’d like or as often as i should… There are more paintings rolled up somewhere… But this is what i have on hand in a digital format… Again for what it’s worth…



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