Lit-by-lighter by vagabond ©

Successful Guerrilla Filmmaking

Lit-by-lighter by vagabond ©
Lit-by-lighter by vagabond ©

Guerrilla Filmmaking Rules

1 • No permits or permission
(art is its own autonomy)

2 • Skeletal crew & gear
(be lean and mean)

3 • Be ready to cut and run
(avoid being busted)

Successful Guerrilla Filmmaking

1 • No one gets arrested

2 • No gear is lost, damaged or stolen

3 • You got footage


Went out the other evening to shoot a book cover and to test the Red Epic DSMC. i wanted to shoot a sunset shot on a rooftop for the cover to Ezra E Fitz soon to be published novel Morning Side Of The Hill to be published by 2Leaf Press this fall. My nephew Kelvin knew of a spot where we could shoot in Jackson Heights Queens in NYC. We scouted it out and found the building front door open and no alarm on the roof door. Perfect spot.

The next day we went up to do the actual shoot. Skeletal gear and crew. One camera case and a backpack of lenses with a small AA battery operated hand-held LED light. Crew was me and Joe with Kelvin (who you can see in my film MACHETERO) as our model.

The front door was locked and there was a sign on it letting people know that they should use their key and not force the door. We pretended to text and ring a buzzer as someone came in with a key and opened the door. Stealth our way onto the roof. Shoot until dark and come down. A successful guerrilla shoot. No one got arrested, no gear got lost, damaged or stolen and we got footage…

Once again art wins out over legality and authority for the sake of legality and authority… The risk is always worth the reward when it comes down to having art or not having art…



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