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A Self-decribed Machetero

Isaach de Bankholé as Jean Dumont from MACHETERO
Isaach de Bankolé as Jean Dumont from MACHETERO

An excerpt from the script of the six-time award-winning film MACHETERO. Watch it VOD as a rental for 48 hours or download it to own it. For some context to the excerpt below… Jean is a French journalist who is interviewing Pedro about his decision to use violence as a means of liberating Puerto Rico from US colonialism. The interview takes place in a prison where Pedro is being held for trying to overthrow the US government in Puerto Rico. Pedro describes himself as a Machetero, a historical and cultural symbol of resistance to colonialism in Puerto Rico.

Jean in the film is played by international film star Isaach de Bankolé who you may recognize from such films as Ghost Dog, Manderlay, The Limits Of Control, night On Earth, Chocolat and Casino Royale. Pedro is played by lead singer of Puerto Rican punk band RICANSTRUCTION and MC of the hip hop duo X-Vandals, Not4Prophet. MACHETERO’s story revolves around this interview between Jean and Pedro.

Do you find it strange that in your struggle for freedom you find yourself in prison?

No. I’ve been in one prison or another all my life. Just because there aren’t any bars on the windows, locks on the doors or guards at the gate doesn’t mean you aren’t in prison.

What was a self-described Machetero doing in the US Army?

I was educated on the streets with the hustlers and the pimps and the dealers and the thieves and the dope fiends and the winos and the cops and the killers. From La Pearla in San Juan to El Barrio in NYC, I did what was necessary to survive. When I was 16 I was looking at a state bid, looking at doing some hard time. They were going to send me to Sing Sing, where I could get my Masters in criminology but the US Army offered me less time.

Does the US Army make it a policy to recruit convicted criminals?

Militaries kill and steal. That’s what they train you to do. Prison is a good place to find killers and thieves.

And you got a dishonorable discharge after you did your time in the army.

I just wanted to be free. There are no stories there to tell, military time was about following orders, I just didn’t always do as I was told.

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