Nothing Mug Shot Saint by vagabond ©

Nothing To Be Gained Here

Nothing Mug Shot Saint by vagabond ©
Nothing Mug Shot Saint by vagabond ©

This space was born out of a frustration. There were things not being said that need to be said… needed to be clarified… need some context… There were things that required some time for reflection  in order to respond properly…  So this space was born so that there would be a record of the things that were going unsaid…

i called this space Nothing To Be Gained Here because of the inherent contradiction i have always felt about my work being important but completely misunderstood… The name came from a symbol that hobo’s use to communicate with one another, the “O” being a symbol for nothing to be gained here…  i first tripped over these hobo symbols in a cognizant way (i may have seen them before and not known that they held any meaning) in the paintings of Jean-Michel Basquiat…

i always admired Basquiat’s ability to understand that the work he did was important and brought something to the table, brought something to the game, brought something to the discussion and at the same time realized that his work would be misunderstood and discounted and disparaged by those who would find nothing to be gained there… And so there were constant references within his work to this dialectic of importance and indifference…

i feel the same way about my own work and so Nothing To Be Gained Here became a space for me to espouse my less than ideal art and ideas for a less than ideal world… It also became a warning for the staunch and inflexible masses who shape their point of view according to the comfort it gives them… New ideas are always uncomfortable and the alibi created to not give them a chance is that there is nothing to be gained here… So i let them off the hook early and in doing so hopefully disarmed them…

Now much of the work that i’ve done here in this space since 2009 is being collected in a hardcover coffee table book aptly named NOTHING TO BE GAINED HERE. It’s a collection of essays, poetry, prose, short scripts, art and photography mostly from this space to be released in the fall of this year and to be published by 2Leaf Press. They’re the publisher that i have been working with doing book covers and book videos for the past year and a half. More information will come in the coming months leading up to the publication… i’ll be posting them here and on my twitter account… So stay tuned and don’t worry there is nothing to be gained here… 🙂



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