A Realist Eulogy For Idealists by vagabond ©

2013 Fusing The Trinity

The NO WAY HOME cast & crew... From Left to Right - Omar, vagabond, Joshua, Kelvin, Jeff "AK" (with camera) and Flea photo by Sam Lahoz ©
The NO WAY HOME cast & crew… From Left to Right – Omar, vagabond, Joshua, Kelvin, Jeff “AK” (with camera) and Flea photo by Sam Lahoz ©

In keeping with the round-up of my creative output for last year i finally finished a short film i started about 3 years ago called NO WAY HOME. It’s an abstract, minimalist, experimental narrative that encompassed many of the ideas i had been having about God. The film follows three characters who each represent a single part of a trinity. The trinity is made up of The Spirit, The Mind and The Body. The idea of the film is that God is divided among each of us and recognizing the God in others makes God whole.

We shot the film in Gowanus and Coney Island in Brooklyn, Randalls Island under Hellgate Bridge where the East River, the Hudson River and the Long Island Sound meet, in Flushing Queens by the Unisphere, Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas and in Valley Of Fire State Park in Nevada. i still haven’t released the film but i did release these three excerpts to represent the aspects of the trinity. i don’t know what to do with NO WAY HOME… i don’t know if NO WAY HOME has a home… The film is 20 minutes and is an existential meditation on the nature of God sans religion… The internet seems to be about short, cute, funny, viral videos or button pushing, emotional tear jerking, not a lot of room there for NO WAY HOME… And the film festivals seem to be only interested in short films that are calling cards for Hollywood…

So as of right now NOW WAY HOME has no home… In the meantime there are these excerpts which i’m proud to say actually stand on their own as micro shorts… Maybe that’s the answer… An existential meditative web series on the nature of God’s divinity split amongst everyone… Who knows maybe that’s what 2014 holds…


the truth that the spirit holds is nothing to play with
they nailed that man to a tree for days
because of the enlightenment his spirit held
it was more than his body could stand
i imagine it will be like that for all of us
the world requires a payment for truth
it requires a sacrifice as proof
belief in this world is not enough
the price of pursuing these truths is life
the equation is simple
the life you live is the product of truth
and your death will be the receipt
and so it goes life after life
and death after death
the scales tipping toward a balance
and the liars will continue to lie
creating powerful distractions
potent complacencies
promoting the comfort of acquiescence
to achieve compliance
the truth is uncomfortable
ugly and requires too much from us
i keep moving to grow accustom to the pain of it
to create an endurance for it
i am not as the liars say, what I own
i am the miles I have travelled
i am the sum of the truths I have endured
i am not on this journey
I am the journey


The language of love is in action.
No one speaks of love anymore.
It’s syntax replaced with at worst, casual indifference and at best, a grudging tolerance.
A new vocabulary is needed and only insurrection will bring it.
In this unwritten future love will lead the revolution.
The barricades will go pushed over.
The walls returned to dust.
The borders will go ignored.
The authority of these impediments will go unrecognized.
There will be no keeping love in… or out.


How do the possibilities remain impossible?
There is so much light and love in the beginning.
The inferno consumed into glowing embers.
Who would have thought that this monkey wrench thrown into the gears of the machine could become mangled so quickly?
That monkey wrench seemed so invincible, that machine so vulnerable.
These decisions get wrapped like a stone around your heart tossed into the depths, falling away from the surface, falling away from the light and the warmth of the sun.
In the end there is no blame, only responsibility.
When this righteous anger is past due and spoils to turn to bitterness, it will make complete sense to turn your back on the beauty of what could be.
Your strength turned against you so the fight is within you and the struggle is without you.
The failures of idealism piled up like dead bodies and the reasons are excuses dressed as wisdom and wisdom is a realists eulogy written for idealists


written, produced and directed by vagabond • co-produced by Resister • cinematography by Jeff “AK” Akers • Alexis “Flea” Fernandez as The Mind • Kelvin Fernandez as The Spirit • Omar as The Body • still photography by Sam Lahoz • dialogue, score recording, mix and engineering by DJ Johnny Juice Rosado • score by Arturo Rodriguez on bass and guitars, Joseph Rodriguez on drums, percussion and guitars, Kevin Olsen on guitars, Mark Beaumont on upright bass • production assistance by Joshua Fernandez

Shortlink: http://wp.me/p1eniL-1h5


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