Mya by vagabond ©

By The Numbers

Mya by vagabond ©
Mya by vagabond ©

By The Numbers
(for Mya on her 12th birthday)

She’s born 12/24/2001
Her 1st 4 years she’s beaten and kept locked in an apartment
For 6 months she’s in foster care
At 4 1/2 we meet and she comes home with us
At 5 she got a fatty tumor
At 5 1/2 she got breast cancer
Her 1st surgery takes out both tumors at once

At 6 she got pancreatitis
3 days in the hospital with no food or water and just an IV
At 7 1/2 she’s gets a best friend
At 8 she gets pancreatitis a 2nd time
3 days later she can eat white rice and boiled chicken
At 8 1/2 she got a soft tissue sarcoma on her leg
Removing the tumor takes 2 surgeries
Then she does 6 chemo treatments over 18 weeks

At 9 1/2 she gets a seizure while playing in the yard
Her 3rd cancer is a brain tumor
Doc gives her 2 to 6 months to live
She’s on phenobarbital and hydroxurea 2x a day
At 11 her 2nd MRI says she’s officially beat the brain tumor
But the soft tissue sarcoma on her leg comes back a 2nd time
It’s removed in the 4th surgery of her life
She goes back on oral chemo for 6 months
It’s the 4th time she’s told cancer “to bring it’s ‘A’ game”

Her 4 legs give out due to arthritis and age
She’s picked up from slips and falls 4, 5, sometimes 6 times a day
She needs help climbing the 13 steep steps upstairs at night
She hesitates for 30 seconds before i carry her down in the morning
1 day a week we get cold laser treatments to reduce swelling in her joints

At 12 it’s easier to die
But not as much fun as going for 45 minute walks
Or 10 minutes of playing ball in the yard
Followed by the 2 to 3 hour naps afterward
Sleeping on the couch knowing it’s 1 day at a time
Dreaming of running as she kicks her feet 36 times
Knowing it’s a numbers game getting to lucky 13

– vagabond



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