Subverses by vagabond © words by not4prophet ©

Last Of The Po’Ricans

Subverses by vagabond ©

Subverses by vagabond © words by Not4Prophet from his poem Subverses ©

Last Of The Po’Ricans Y Otros Afro-artifacts is a book of poetry composed both of words and graphics. The words come from Not4Prophet and the graphics come from me but in a way the graphics also come from Not4Prophet, as these graphics are rooted in his words, rooted in his poetry. As it’s said in the Holy Bible ‘In the beginning was the word…’ and with this book it was no different… There are very few people in the world as talented as Not4Prophet. He has a gift for the word and he lays it down as well as it can be laid down. Lean and muscular writing without fat or excess, packing the punch of a thinking man’s pugilist landing verbal blows where they do the most damage, have the greatest effect.

The first priority in creating the graphics for Last Of The Po’Ricans Y Otros Afro-artifacts, is simply to find a way to live up to the word. If you can do that then you’re half way there and i did the best i could. i’ll leave the verdict of my convictions up to you. The saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words but with Not4Prophet’s poetry the inverse is equally true. His words build images and he doesn’t need a thousand words to tell his story. My second priority was to enhance the storytelling of his poetry. As a storyteller myself i particularly enjoyed this part of the process. There are 25 graphics that were created to accompany 25 poems in this volume. i’m proud that Not4prophet trusted me with his poems (not an easy thing to do for any artist) and i’m proud to have had the opportunity to create this work. Here’s a small sample of what’s inside…

Last Of The Po’Ricans Y Otros Afro-artifacts is published by 2 Leaf Press and is part of the Nuyorican World Series which is a selection of books on the Nuyorican experience. The early word from some of the heaviest hitters from poetry to academia is that Not4Prophet’s Last Of The Po’Ricans Y Otros Afro-artifacts is something you should definitely get your hands on… The book is available now at Amazon

Last Of The Po'Ricans Y Otros Afro-artifacts

“Like a cool glass of water on a hot summer day…no…more like an oasis not a mirage on this  desert we call earth… not4Prophetcomes to bring relief…to let you…me…all  thinking people know…we are not alone.  I can feel that breeze.  I welcome it.  There must be a sail cloth somewhere which we will hoist and ride until we find…no create…a new world.”
– Nikki Giovanni, Poet • Distinguished Professor at Virginia Tech, and author of some 30 books for adults and children

“In Last of the Po’Ricans, not4Prophet delivers “The Daily News” of poetry in a hip-hop beat entangled in blues/plena/ rock ‘n roll/punk/fusion/folk jazz mixed with explosive emotions crafted into each outburst. He delivers rapid fire political, polemical, patriotic, treasonous, nationalistic, anti-capitalistic, take it or leave it, fuck it, in your face poetry that excites and incites.” – Jesús Papoleto Meléndez • Original Nuyorican Poet & Author of Hey Yo! Yo Soy!

“Not4Prophet’s Last of The Po’ Ricans is a BeBop ballistic cultural collage of seditious images that saturate the mind with mental mines scratched straight from off the Spanish Harlem streets. This rican rebels radical rhymes and Puerto punk rock Hip Hop political poems and sub-verses take you on a trip through the hoods history and deep into this original El Barrio word warriors raging heart.”  – Abiodun Oyewole • Of the original Last Poets and author of the upcoming collection of poems from 2 Leaf Press Branches Of The Tree Of Life

“The poet’s nu, yo, and he’s rican as ri can. He claims to be po’rican, and that po is for the poEMS you know, bro, as the rican is rich as the tribal-terror-wristic slangwhiches that he slings here in. It’s all write hear, twixt pages and ear. La tradición! Can’t beat it off the mean streets because it’s coming through so clear that it’s all you need to hear. The air is now forever tattooed with prison ink on tribal papyrus. Gracias Not4, a Prophet for our time.”
– Bob Holman • Poet, father of slam poetry and author of Sing This one Back to Me 

“The poems in this book are intensely lyrical, rhythmic, heart wrenching, raw, painful and hopeful. Simultaneously furious and tender, they echo the song lyrics  not4Prophet wrote as lead singer for Puerto Punk cult band Ricanstruction. Alliterating his way into our hearts/minds, not4Prophet weaves together anything-but-linear poetic narratives with unpredictable twists and turns that are rich in historical and cultural detail. These details are in fact so rich (and often also surprising and rare) that I could only marvel at the ingeniousness of what I was catching while also wondering about everything that was flying over my head. While often relying on dystopian themes and imagery, Last of the Po’ Ricans y Otros Afro-Artifacts is at its core deeply committed to freedom, health and wholeness. It represents a strangely fitting way to be utopian in our times.” – Raquel Z. Rivera • Author of New York Ricans from the Hip Hop Zone

“In these times of neoliberal barrios and their nuyo-literal MCs, not4Prophet ups the anti (sic) on us all. There’s virtuoso flow here (“cutting umbilical cords / with a subliminal sword”) but there’s also a restless intelligence attuned to an inclusive Boricua affect that brings together everyone from de Burgos and Basquiat to Lolita Lebrón and Sylvia Rivera in a “puerto punk rock”- and- krylon mixtape. In the spirit of the Nuyorican tradition, this is a poet of the political imagination who is unafraid of keepin’ it surreal, leading us beyond the trendy real estate and into the mind-reel of the city as lived. The flow here is anarcho-global (“between the front lines of fanon and magón”), yet these agit-prophecies are less about preaching to the choir than about an improvised explosive verbal energy as boundless as it is shareable—“ad-liberation  theologies,” the poet calls them. Although it is a first take, Last of the Po’ Ricans y otros afro-artifacts is already a keeper, its gut-rhymes poised skillfully between revolú and revolution.” – Urayoán Noel • Author of BoringKen

“Beware those who enter here: this poetry is on fire. It burns and it hurts when it burns, yet it is agonizingly beautiful. This is the kind of poetry, squarely in the Nuyorican tradition, that speaks not just for but TO the voiceless, with urgency and clarity, and in so doing reflects a reality that many of us live and endure but rarely see in print, let alone in poetry. Stark, lyrical, and bold, this vol- ume bears witness to the rhythm, rhyme, and passionate reason of Boricua real- ity in New York City. not4Prophet’s voice is unique. An unsettling joy to read and a phenomenal first collection of verse. A must-read for all fans of socially committed literature.” – Lisa Sánchez González • Author of Boricua Literature: A Literary History of the Puerto Rican Diaspora  and The Stories I Read to the Children, The Life and Writing of Pure Belpré

“What words can be offered a wordsmith who in saying  that his words are “grenade pins getting under the thin skins of uncle psalm’s cabin”  has already said it all.  After that there can only be words of encouragement, especially when his words have already encouraged a very necessary common rebellion.” – Dr. Jared Ball • Associate of Communication Studies, Morgan State University and author of I Mix What I Like: A Hip Hop Manifesto

“Not4Prophet digs deep to unearth a time capsule of sacred and subversive texts delivering poetic justice that transcends boundaries and crosses the intersections of identity, collective belonging and trans-Atlantic dispossession. These lyrical excavations of truth raging and loving and dying against the machine are more valid than any epidemiological surveillance of the health and dis-ease of the Afro-Boriqua diaspora in Nueva York.I am filled with gratitude that this Griot of the garden has committed his canon of verses to the page to be properly savored and digested as what should be required reading  for all.” – Lynn Roberts • Reproductive Justice Activist/Assistant Professor, CUNY School of Public Health


Check out some of the book videos that were done… The first one is an excerpt of the poem Love + Revolution… The second one also includes the same excerpt but includes a short interview with Not4Prophet talking about how the poems in this book came to be…

[vimeo 78324230 w=600&h=380]

[vimeo 78351339 w=600&h=338]




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