MACHETERO Big Screen And Small

So MACHETERO has done it again… It’s been accepted into yet another festival. It’s the International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival and it’s a sort of homecoming in several ways. MACHETERO is of course a film about the violent struggle for Puerto Rican independence and part of it was shot in Puerto Rico. The other reason it’s a kind of homecoming is that the film was shot in El Barrio NYC where the Puerto Rican International Heritage Film Festival will screen. Come and check out MACHETERO on the big screen at the Mist Harlem Theater 46 West 116th Street on Thursday November 14th @ 2PM. You can get tickets here.

Post 9/11 definitions, ideas and notions of terrorism are challenged in this controversial film. French journalist Jean Dumont (Isaach de Bankolé) interviews Pedro Taino (Not4Prophet) a “Puerto Rican Terrorist” in prison. Pedro is a self-described Machetero fighting to free a colonized Puerto Rico from the United States. Jean questions Pedro about his decision to use violence to achieve that freedom. As they speak, a ghetto youth (Kelvin Fernandez) trapped in a cycle of violence, is encouraged by Pedro and a mentor (Dylcia Pagan) from his childhood in Puerto Rico to become the next generation of Machetero.

The film is structured around songs from the album, “Liberation Day” by RICANSTRUCTION and interwoven into the film as a narrative voice. RICANSTRUCTION also provides an original improvised score.

MACHETERO On Vimeo On Demand
Let’s say you aren’t in New York on Thursday November 14th. Or a 2PM show means playing work or school hookey and that’s not an option right now… Well you can have your own private screening right from your own TV, Computer, Tablet or even your Phone… MACHETERO, the film that took awards home in South Africa, Wales, England, Thailand, Ireland and New York is on Vimeo On Demand.  Check it out whenever you want…



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