AVT PSC#1 by vagabond ©

The Orphans Of Terrorists

AVT PSC#1 by vagabond ©
AVT PSC#1 by vagabond ©

Legal Disclaimer: The following is a Public Service Communique from Audio Visual Terrorism (AVT). AVT has not been and is not affiliated with the Orphans Of Terrorists and does not take responsibility for the message or any actions taken by the Orphans Of Terrorists. At this time AVT is simply a conduit of Public Relations, a messenger boy delivering a message. AVT has not edited or altered the content of the message. The message comes to you intact as it was received. AVT must stress that it is a semi-neutral party delivering a message. Do not attempt to take the head of the messenger should you not like the message, this would prove fruitless because AVT has no head. AVT would like to stress that it is not affiliated with the Orphans Of Terrorists but does however reserve the right to join the Orphans Of Terrorists at a future date. If the relationship of AVT to the Orphans Of Terrorists changes no mention of it will be made. That decision will remain secret. And now without any further delay the message from the Orphans Of Terrorists…

to the war
profiteers STOP

yesterday’s war
was yours
those of us who survive it
will learn our lessons
and apply them accordingly STOP

tomorrow’s war
will be ours
and we expect
something in return
for the price we paid STOP

enjoy the profits
of suffering
while you can and
consider this
your final warning STOP

the orphans
of terrorists

– vagabond ©

Shortlink: http://wp.me/p1eniL-19R


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