TONY MEDINA IS BROKE by vagabond ©

Tony Medina Is Broke

TONY MEDINA IS BROKE by vagabond ©
TONY MEDINA IS BROKE by vagabond ©

A few months ago Gabrielle David the publisher of 2Leaf Press, a non-profit publishing company asked if i would be interested in doing a book video for Tony Medina’s new book of poetry Broke Baroque. It’s the third and latest installment in his Broke series. After a long and hard road the book has finally been released. Broke Baroque has an introduction by author and critic Ismael Reed who says Tony Medina is “…the Poet Laureate of the Broke. Like Jean-Michel Basquiat who takes Hip Hop to another level, Medina covers some of the same territory as Hip Hop’s best. Tupac. Public Enemy. Dead Prez.”

Tony Medina created a poetic character called Broke in the vein and tradition of Langston Hughes Simple and when i went to do the video i need something to reflect that. Right after i shot the initial interview with Tony i found about 300′ of undeveloped Super 8mm film that i had shot 25 years ago when i was at the School Of Visual Arts. i didn’t know what was on the film so i took it to the lab and had it processed, developed and digitized… When i got the hard drive back i was shocked to see that i had shot 50′ of homeless street scenes from 1987 in NYC. i immediately realized that this footage was perfect for Broke Baroque… So the footage you see that opens the video is from that 50′ roll Super 8mm film that was shot in 1987…

Check out the video below. There are also some photos of Tony Median i took on of him at the Throgs Neck Housing Projects in the Bronx where Tony grew up and where we shot the video. And cop yourself a copy of Broke Baroque while you’re at it…

Broke Baroque on Kindle

Broke Baroque in Paperback

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