Machetero Recruitment Poster by vagabond ©

MACHETERO Recruitment

Machetero Recruitment Poster by vagabond ©
Machetero Recruitment Poster by vagabond ©

The NYC theatrical release of my film MACHETERO is a DIY effort but DIY is a kind of misnomer. Yes i’m doing it myself… but no one does anything by themselves… The DIY aesthetic is a non-corporate one, but not a non-community one… So i’m asking for help in promoting MACHETERO’s upcoming screening in NYC on Facebook and on Twitter… MACHETERO opens the Wednesday after the 116th Street festival and the Puerto Rican day parade in NYC, two of the biggest Puerto Rican events in NYC and perhaps in the diaspora… The one week run begins June 12 and closes June 19th…

There are three things that can help right now…

i’ve created a Facebook Event Page and i need folks who are on Facebook to commit to attending the screening by clicking on the Join button… As comedian Charlie Barnett used to say before he performed in Washington Square Park in NYC… “Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd.”

Once you say you are going, invite your friends in the NYC area and beyond to go… This may take a few days as you have to click on each friend individually so if you could do 25 or 50 or 100 whatever number you’re comfortable with then that would be a big help… (Doing a hundred at a time takes about 3 minutes)

The link to the Facebook Event page is below…

For those of you on Twitter if you could send out an update for the Facebook Event Page with the hash tag #MACHETERO that would help spread the word on the screening…

i don’t see this film being just about my success… i’m already a success… i made the film i wanted to make on my own terms and in my own way… i don’t need anything beyond that… But i do see this film being a part of the struggle to free Puerto Rico from US Colonialism… And that’s a much bigger goal than just packing a theater…

If MACHETERO generates a lot of buzz then people will start to dialogue about colonialism in Puerto Rico and maybe, just maybe, this film could play a very small part in moving us that much closer to a free Puerto Rico…

If you have any questions or concerns or want to know what else you can do to help email me at at Much thanx in advance…

– vagabond


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