vagabond & Film Festival of Ireland Director Will Nugent just before our radio interview in Ireland with Tipp FM


vagabond & Film Festival of Ireland Director Will Nugent just before our radio interview with Tipp FM
vagabond & Film Festival of Ireland Director Will Nugent just before our radio interview with Tipp FM –
Will is laughing his ass off as i give the Irish finger to the camera

It being St. Patrick’s Day and all i thought i’d write a little about my experiences screening my film MACHETERO out in Ireland. In 2009 MACHETERO was invited to screen at the International Film Festival Of Ireland. Not wanting to miss an opportunity i flew out to with my brother Jonathan and Kelvin Fernandez who plays a leading role in the film. i flew into Dublin rented a car and drove down to County Tipperary to a town called Clonmel where the festival was being held. The rumors of Ireland’s beauty are in no way exaggerated. And the people are among the friendliest, generous and most gracious in the world… i met people in a pub in Clonmel at 2am like Richie Cleary who not only came out to the screening of MACHETERO the next morning at 11am but brought his whole family… That’s how they roll, out in Ireland…

It seemed that MACHETERO was sparking a lot of interest in Ireland. Festival director Will Nugent (no relation to Ted either by blood or by politic) took me to the local radio station to do an interview about MACHETERO and to talk about the kindred struggle for independence that Puerto Rico and Ireland share… Will is an Irish history buff so the history i dropped on him about Pedro Albizu Campos and Eamon De Valera was of particular interest to him. Irish filmmaker Fiona Ashe who was taking part in the festival asked me and a few other filmmakers to speak to a class she teaches on media. After the presentation many of the students were inspired to come out to the screening.

MACHETERO screened on September 12th, which is the birthday of Puerto Rican independence leader Don Pedro Albizu Campos. The screening was standing room only.  People that i’d met in pubs and restaurants and gas stations and just walking around had heard all about MACHETERO and came to see what the buzz was about…. The post screening Q&A discussion was lively, informative and a lot of fun…. The Irish know how to have a good time, even in their resistance to imperialism… MACHETERO wound up winning Best First Film in Ireland which was humbling and exhilirating all at once… It was a heavy mixture of emotions to handle… At the end of the festival Fiona Ashe asked to me to do an interview with her about my experiences in Ireland and that video is below…

MACHETERO opens theatrically in NYC
Opens Wednesday June 12th and closes Tuesday June 19th
Clemente Soto Velez
Kabayito’s Theater
107 Suffolk Street
NY NY 10002

So if you wan to see what all the buzz is about then check it out then…



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