Maroon by vagabond ©

An Ongoing Cost To Be Free (Part Four)

Maroon by vagabond ©
Maroon by vagabond ©

Russell Maroon Shoatz is a US held Black Unity Council and Black Liberation Army political prisoner. He has been in prison for over 40 years. This short film is part four of a weekly web series of Russell Shoatz III the son of Russell Maroon Shoatz, telling the story of his father.

Capture And Trial
In Part Four of An Ongoing Cost To Be Free Russell Maroon Shoatz is a modern-day Robin Hood. For the two years after the retaliation on a police officer for the murder of a young teenager in front of his mother Russell is living in clandestinity, robbing banks and supermarket trucks and using the spoils of those robberies to support and feed those in need. Russell and his comrades are caught doing a bank robbery in Philadelphia and Russell is put on trial for the robbery and for the murder of the police officer.

Russell Maroon Shoatz has written extensively while in prison, these writings have been distributed around the world. These writings have been collected in a new book Maroon The Implacable and published by PM Press. To order the book go to There is an ongoing campaign to try and free Russell to get more information or to join the campaign follow @RussellMShoatz or like Russell Maroon Shoatz on Facebook and check out some of Russell’s writings on his blog And stay tuned for the next installment in this compelling story next week.



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