Maroon by vagabond ©

An Ongoing Cost To Be Free (Part 3)

Maroon by vagabond ©
Maroon by vagabond ©

Part three of the ongoing documentary web series on US held Black Unity Council, Black Panther and Black Liberation Army soldier Russell Maroon Shoatz. If you missed Parts 1 & 2 you can catch up on the series here… Please feel free to share the web series as the more people who know about Russell Maroon Shoatz, the more people will want to join the campaign to free him…

Family Life
In Part Three of An Ongoing Cost To Be Free we find Russell Maroon Shoatz at a crossroads in his life. As he and his wife struggles to take care of the family they’ve started, Russell starts to look at the plight of Black people in his community and in America and begins to put it into a historical and political context. His days as a youth on the streets of Philadelphia still have a hold on him and he feels a responsibility towards his community. An internal struggle between the life he’s built and a desire to be a catalyst for radical change begins to shift the focus of his life. Within that struggle Russell falls in love with another woman, Sister Love. They share a common political philosophy and Russell has three children with her. The two women in his life are symbolic to the internal war that rages between wanting a normal family life and stepping into the life of militant.

Join the campaign to help free Russell Maroon Shoatz… Check out Russell’s blog on WordPress… Follow Russell on Twitter@RussellMShoatz and connect on Facebook @ Russell Maroon Shoats. Or write to Russell directly at…

Russell Maroon Shoatz
SCI Greene Pennsylvania
175 Progress Dr
Waynesburg Pa.15370



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