Maroon by vagabond ©

An Ongoing Cost To Be Free (Part Two)

Maroon by vagabond ©
Maroon by vagabond ©

This is the continuation of the documentary web series an Ongoing Cost To Be Free, about US held Black Unity Council, Black Panther member and Black Liberation Army Political Prisoner Russell Maroon Shoatz. Part One can be seen here. The series continues the next week with Part Three…

Married Life
In Part Two of An Ongoing Cost To Be Free Russell Maroon Shoatz is doing his best to put aside the life of his youth spent hanging out on street corners with friends and drinking and singing and a tries to become a responsible young man. He gets married, has a two good jobs, gets two cars and a home but the situation in Black America in the late 60’s is boiling over. As much as Russell would like to have a normal married life, nothing in Black America has changed.

Join the campaign to help free Russell Maroon Shoatz… Check out Russell’s blog on WordPress… Follow Russell on Twitter @RussellMShoatz and connect on Facebook @ Russell Maroon Shoats. Or write to Russell directly at…

Russell Maroon Shoatz
SCI Greene Pennsylvania
175 Progress Dr
Waynesburg Pa.15370



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