Apocalypse When

Apocalypse When by vagabond ©
Apocalypse When by vagabond ©

“Calling PBR street gang.
PBR street gang, this is Almighty.
Can you read me?  Over.”

– Apocalypse Now

apocalypse when 12/21/12
it’ll end one day
but when?
some days i think not soon enough
reality game show host politicians
cops frustrated with the power to kill
corporations are human beings too
profiteers keep the war machine well oiled
with poverty and patriotism
everything must turn a profit to be of some use
i wish that just once just for one day
all the right people would die
someone call in the airstrike
clear the palette of this death culture
it’s a dream
an apocalypse dream
that asks when
because now is not soon enough
– vagabond

The artwork is available on a T-shirt and on a 1″ button from Audio Visual Terrorism

Shortlink: http://wp.me/p1eniL-TW


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