End Of The 20th Beginning Of The 21st #8 by vagabond ©

Centuries End

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centuries end
(for the artist responsible for the work on sw 57 and 9 and mohamed bouazizi)

hakim bey said the end of the 20th century
occurred when the wall came down in ’89
and who can argue with hakim bey?

it’s common knowledge that capitalism fell in ’07
and everything since then is just voodoo economics
making zombie capitalism in a way only george romero prophesied

they say trickle down economics
is gonna make it rain prosperity but it smells like piss
as it bounces off the tops of our heads

i say the beginning of the 21st century
began with the self-immolation of mohamed bouazizi in tunisia
setting fire to the african winter of ’11

everything in-between ’89 and ’11
was side line gestation and formulation
out of the binary and into the dialectic

the writing and the pictures were on the wall
on the sw corner of 57th and 9th in new york shitty
but no one bothered to look

but once felt these ideas spread like a virus across walls and into streets
and it’s easier to serve up the messengers head to madness
than decipher the coda of a centuries end

– vagabond

Shortlink: http://wp.me/p1eniL-M6


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