The Politics Of Less

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In the back of a Pathmark Supermarket in the Bronx abandoned shopping carts sermonize the end of rampant consumerism in the age of capitalism. Scattered and empty the shopping carts preach of the ongoing apocalypse of scarcity in the land of plenty.

The message is drowned out by the din of UPC codes being scanned. No one is paying attention because the politics of less comes at a greater cost.

The congregation has been told to ignore these interruptions in the pleasure of consumption by veteran journalist talent show hosts occupying 24 hour news cycles. The oracles of soap opera reality show stars have said that we are past the tipping point. They would know… after all, they are the authority on these matters…

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2 thoughts on “The Politics Of Less”

  1. there is a better life waiting for you, shopping carts, street food to be carried and sold, home cooking that feeds us on the street and feeds those who make it and wheel you around.

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