The History Lesson by vagabond ©

MACHETERO History Remix

The History Lesson by vagabond ©
The History Lesson by vagabond ©
Francisco Rivera Sanchez and Dylcia Pagan in Loiza, Puerto Rico

About a week ago Quique Cruz who is a big supporter of my first feature film MACHETERO (which won six awards around the world) asked if he could use a clip from the film to do a remix… i met Quique a few years ago online when he reached out to me after seeing a clip of a scene from MACHETERO on YouTube that featured former US held Puerto Rican political prisoner and prisoner of war Dylcia Pagan. The clip he saw was called The History Lesson. About a year and a half later MACHETERO was invited to screen at the San Diego Black Film Festival and Quique drove down to see the film. Check out his review of it…

The scene he wanted to remix was something i had posted, almost as a short film, that summarized over 500 years of Puerto Rican resistance to foreign imperialism in about 3 minutes. i had dubbed the scene The History Lesson… i know Quique and his politics are in the right head space and his heart is dedicated to Puerto Rican independence, so it was easy for me to say yes. A while back, Quique asked me to do some artwork for a single he dropped called The New Code Of The Streets, so we have collaborated before. There’s a mutual respect that we have for each other’s work and with that respect comes trust and unfortunately that’s not something you find everyday so it’s something i value. Quique is a good brother and everyone should both check out and keep up with his work as an artist… Here is what what he did with a remix of The History Lesson from MACHETERO…

In the video you’ll find a reference to Borikemetics… The word Borikemetics was created by Angel Cardona to describe a new head space in which a group of Puerto Ricans wrestle with what it means to be Puerto Rican by looking into the past to see where it is that we come from, struggles with the present to understand where we are now and looks into the future to try and guide where it is we’re going…

To find out more about MACHETERO check out or if you’re on Facebook

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