El Espiritu Del Pitirre by vagabond ©

Caught Between Torture And Resistance

El Espiritu Del Pitirre by vagabond ©
El Espiritu Del Pitirre by vagabond ©

Oscar Lopez Rivera is a US held Puerto Rican political prisoner & prisoner of war. He has been in prison since 1981 and is serving a sentence of 70 years. Puerto Rico has been a colony of the United States since 1898 and Oscar is a part of a long history of resistance to US colonialism in Puerto Rico.

At the end of 2011 a book about Oscar’s life was recently published in Spanish in Puerto Rico and there is now an online campaign that’s been started to help raise funds to translate that book in English. The campaign is trying to raise $3500 and has been launched on a website called Kickstarter by Matt Meyer with Luis Nieves Falcon.

Educator-author-activist Matt Meyer has written and edited six books on contemporary liberation movements, with over twenty-five years of teaching experience to his credit. A leader of the Peace and Justice Studies Association and the War Resisters League, he is coordinating this project on behalf of the local anti-imperialist collective Resistance in Brooklyn, which will serve as co-publisher of the book along with the Interfaith Prisoners of Conscience Project and PM Press.

This work is being done under the direct supervision of world-renowned lawyer, psychologist, professor, and sociologist Luis Nieves Falcón. At the intellectual and activist forefront of every major modern campaign for Puerto Rican sovereignty, Dr. Nieves Falcón has served as chairman of the Puerto Rico Committee for Human Rights, the Puerto Rican PEN Club, and the International League for the Rights and Liberation of the Peoples.

Our goal is to publish, in cooperation with renowned human rights activist and author Luis Nieves Falcon, the English-language edition of the recently published book Oscar Lopez Rivera: Between Torture and Resistance (San Juan, Comite pro Derechos Humanos de Puerto Rico). It is the story of one of Latin America’s longest-held political prisoners, a Puerto Rican pro-independence activist who was convicted of the political “crime” of seditious conspiracy, not of harming anyone. Lavishly illustrated with photos of his life and artwork (he has become a painter during his now over thirty years behind bars), the book is an easily accessible introduction to U.S.-Puerto Rico relations and contemporary prison issues.

This book is part of a larger campaign for the unconditional freedom of Oscar Lopez Rivera. There are several organizations and resources listed below that are working towards the goal.

National Boricua Human Rights Network

Libertad Para Oscar Lopez Rivera

The Pro-Libertad Freedom Campaign

To donate to the campaign to translate Oscar’s Between Torture And Resistance go to Kickstarter… Any donations are greatly appreciated…


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