The Math Used To Invalidate Every Rebellion

Madness In Quarter Moonlight by vagabond ©
Madness In Quarter Moonlight by vagabond ©

you used to love me because the fear is small in me
i was all gamble
i walked into the rooms of rich men
with lint in my pockets
and gave them all a run for their money

you used to love me because the cowardice is small in me
i was all risk
i walked into rooms of empty ideas
with boldness in my head
filling it with possibility until the walls swelled

you thought it was romantic to be young and against the world
but the cruelty of the world knows no bounds
the threats are more than real
to be against the world is to have the odds stacked against you
but the day will not be saved in the last reel of this picture show

you didn’t know that the ones with small fear
are blessed with less cowardice
and cursed with more foolishness
and that these monkey wrench ideas have to be removed
from the machinery of the world in order for things to work improperly
you couldn’t know that the most efficient way to do this
is the subtraction of you from the you and me against the world
this is the math used to invalidate every rebellion

and now that the romance of rebellion is gone from you
you want me to join you in your new love for the world
as if i could join something that took away all that i ever loved

losing against the world was the smallest price
losing the money race with rich men was an even smaller one
losing ideas to temporary impossibility was larger than i ever imagined
it will be my name you hear in hushed tones
held up as example to wasted potential

the ache of romance is in the losing
i will be tossed into a bin labeled romantic losers
but that reward comes with losing you
and that designation will keep us separated
by the math used to invalidate every rebellion
and when they speak of me as a warning in a whisper
the respect i took for standing my ground will be a difficult pill to swallow
leaving me with a single hope that they choke on it as they do
– vagabond



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