Freeing Puerto Rico One T-shirt At A Time


“This work is a torture on the rump, but a joy to the heart”
– Eduardo Galleano 

Puerto Rico has been a struggling against colonialism since 1493 when Columbus first landed on the island. It resisted colonialism by the Spanish for 400 years and it has struggled against US colonialism since 1898 when the Spanish handed Puerto Rico over to the over to the US after the Spanish American War. Throughout this struggle against colonialism (that has lasted over 500 years) there has always been a brutal repression against those who have sought independence. There is a long history of independence supporters being, persecuted, prosecuted, imprisoned, exiled and killed for their beliefs.

That history has made many people fearful of expressing their desire for independence. That fear of expression has metastasized into an epidemic of self censorship where people  don’t even want to think about independence. In resistance to that fear and self censorship I came up with the idea of starting a company that would make people proud to declare their independence for Puerto Rico to the world.

RICANSTRUCTED is a design company that i founded and that is dedicated to the independence struggle of Puerto Rico as a means of letting people express their support for Puerto Rican independence… All the designs are a reflection of both Puerto Rico’s historic struggle, and it’s continuing struggle for independence. Wearing a T-shirt or a Hoodie or Button may not seem like much in terms of resistance but it informs people who don’t know that Puerto Rico is a colony of the United States. It may even be the beginning of a conversation. Many people don’t speak about the Puerto Rican independence struggle because they don’t know if others also believe in Puerto Rican independence. A T-shirt or a hoodie or a button allows people to show their support for independence… Hopefully it tares down the fear that still exists for others who are apprehensive to declare their support for Puerto Rican independence…


Before people go telling me that i’m pimping the struggle or capitalizing on the movement, let me explain something, because nothing could be further from the truth… There are faster ways to climb up out of the 99% to the 1% than designing independence T-shirts for Puerto Rico… i’m not getting rich doing this… i actually lose money when you consider the amount of time and energy i put into designing, maintaining and marketing RICANSTRUCTED

i have dedicated the better part of the last 13 years of my life to the cause of Puerto Rican independence… i have written articles, painted murals, made documentaries, music videos, done paintings, designed posters, flyers and pamphlets… i have created, designed and maintained websites dedicated to the Puerto Rican independence struggle… i have organized Political Education classes, organized rallies, protests, concerts and spoken out in the media on the Puerto Rican independence struggle. i made my first feature film… MACHETERO about the Puerto Rican independence struggle… Most of that work was done when i worked with the Puerto Rican punk band RICANSTRUCTION which was a force in its own right. RICANSTRUCTED is not a means of pimping the struggle or exploiting the movement… it’s just a continuation of that struggle in a different form…

With the holi-daze coming up on us, there is a movement to support small independent businesses as opposed to large faceless corporations. In that spirit RICANSTRUCTED is offering two ways to save for the coming holi-daze… Order 5 T-shirts or Hoodies and pay for 4… or order 3 T-shirts or Hoodies and get free standard shipping… Either way you can spread the love to the ones you love… No matter how you slice it, it’s a good deal… Support a small, artist run, independent business, get something for someone that means something and save a few dollars while doing it…. But you need to order before November 24th to take advantage of these deals..

And by the way, you don’t need to be Puerto Rican to support RICANSTRUCTED… And you don’t need to be Puerto Rican to support Puerto Rican independence…

You can be linked to RICANSTRUCTED by clicking on the word or on any of the images…

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