Joseph & Arturo Rodriguez by vagabond ©

Lunchroom Beats Vol. 1

Joseph & Arturo Rodriguez by vagabond ©
Joseph & Arturo Rodriguez by vagabond ©

i’m working on a new short film called PAWNSHOP DREAM. It’s a short comedy about where colonialism and capitalism meet. In the film a young girl wants to buy a box of sand in a pawnshop. The pawnshop owner won’t tell her price but asks her how much money she has. The girl gives him the mine and the pawnshop owner puts the box of sand on layaway. The girl keeps coming back for years paying the layaway for the box of sand but the pawnshop owner won’t tell her how far she has to go. The young girl grows to be a woman and is still paying the layaway. She grows into an older woman who finally has had enough of the abuse and decides to do something about it.

What i needed was a heavy funky track for the exteriors as the young girl, the woman and the older woman walk through their neighborhood to the pawnshop, so i asked Arturo Rodriguez and Joseph Rodriguez of RICANSTRUCTION to work something out for me. They came up with this track. It was recorded in one take with DJ Johnny Juice of Public Enemy at Terrordome Studios where Public Enemy records.

Earlier when Arturo and Joseph were warming up i was joking that the stuff sounded like Lunchroom Beats… Lunchroom Beats were funky beats that people pounded out on lunchroom tables while someone rhymed over them… The track Artruo and Joseph recorded was just so hard, heavy and funky that i had to christen the track Lunchroom Beats Vol. 1 and it was so funky Juice just had to bust a move… as he reminisced.

And my pit bull Mya is of course the studio manager who made sure everyone stayed in line while we had a good time…

Check out some more photos of the session on Flickr…



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