The Right Of Riot by vagabond ©

A Riot To Clear The Air Of The Stench From Capitalism’s Corpse

The Right Of Riot by vagabond ©
The Right Of Riot by vagabond ©

“We have a lot of kids graduating college, can’t find jobs. That’s what happened in Cairo. That’s what happened in Madrid. You don’t want those kinds of riots here.” – Mayor Michael Bloomberg of NYC warning of rioting in the streets if Washington doesn’t get serious about creating jobs

Ordinary people should depose leaders who enrich themselves at the expense of their countrymen.” – Nelson Mandela

It’s easy to understand why the shitstem doesn’t want riots in the streets of NYC or Washington DC. It profits handsomely on the inequality of a shitstem that is designed for the few and financially strong. The shitstem’s always busy telling the ones who suffer the most, that violence is not an option, riots are not a solution. Those are easy things to say when you constrict the definition of violence to obeying the laws that protect profit and property created by and profiteers and property owners.

We need an expansion of the definition of violence to include the lack of access to healthy food, the lack of access to decent healthcare, the lack of access to decent education, the lack of access to living wages… These are the subtle forms of violence that are used by the shitstem to keep us in line. These are some of the forms of violence that manifest themselves in a daily attrition that accumulates to a physical, psychological and spiritual violence.

The eruption of violence in the form of riots is a recognition that the shitstem’s subtle violence has diminished our lives. A little rioting on the streets of Wall Street and East Capital Street and K Street may be just what we need. A little fear injected into the state and the corporations is just what we could use in these daze of privatized profit and socialized risk. Capitalism is dead. The foul smell of the rotting corpse is heavy in the ether. Maybe a riot is just what we need to clear the air.

We live in fear of a shitstem that requires our compliance and cooperation in order to function. Upset the politics. We have a right to change them with the right of riot. If we give away that right then we’ll have no teeth to puncture the wound that is necessary to convert these threats into promises.

We can wait patiently as we beg for the compassion of few more crumbs or we can turn the tables. Subject the shitstem to change without notice, clear the air, with the right of riot. Declare war in your action. Capitalism is in shock and refuses to accept its own death. It’s surprised at it’s own suicide and it won’t lay down. It’s up to us to put it down and write the fuck you eulogy.


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