(Anarchy) The New Code Of The Streets

(Anarchy) The New Code Of The Streets by vagabond ©
(Anarchy) The New Code Of The Streets by vagabond ©

Quique Cruz “El Terrible” is a Puerto Rican artist from California. i met Quique In San Diego when MACHETERO played at the San Diego Black Film Festival. He drove all the way down from Santa Ana to the screening. After the screening he gave me a quick video review of the film…

He just dropped this new track The New Code Of The Streets (Anarchy) and asked to use a piece of artwork from this blog. i told him it was all cool but that if he wanted to i would look around to see if i could rock something “with the quickness” (Bad Brains reference). Quique e-mailed me the track and i knew exactly what i wanted to do.

The track is kickin’ and i immediately got inspired to do something. The hardest thing about creating artwork for a project is conceptualizing it. i can spend days, weeks and even months conceptualizing artwork for a project but the idea for this project came quickly and easily. i thought that since the new code of the streets is anarchy an image of Huey Newton holding a shotgun with a Guy Fawkes mask on his face would be a perfect cover for the single. Four hours later the artwork was done.

In keeping with the spirit of the theme of the song, the track is free. Download it.

The New Code Of The Streets (Anarchy) by Quique Cruz featuring Castor Pollux

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4 thoughts on “(Anarchy) The New Code Of The Streets”

  1. yo i know quique haven’t been oon facebook for a minute hows the boricuas fighters over there i’m still following you bro keep up the work stopped getting on facebook but still on the grind oh this is osi ra el bori just stopping to say what up

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