The logo for the EPB Ejercito Popular Boricua (Popular Puerto Rican Army)

A Communique By The Popular Puerto Rican Army (EPB)

The logo for the EPB Ejercito Popular Boricua (Popular Puerto Rican Army)
The logo for the EPB Ejercito Popular Boricua (Popular Puerto Rican Army)

The EPB – Ejercito Popular Boricua or Popular Puerto Rican Army is a clandestine underground organization using any and all means to end US colonial rule in Puerto Rico which has lasted well over a century. United Nations Resolution 1514 which is a resolution on decolonization allows for colonized countries to use whatever means available to them towards achieving their liberation and prohibits the colonizer from hindering them in their struggle towards independence. Despite that, the US has labeled the EPB, Los Macheteros, as a terrorist organization. The EPB was founded by Comandante Filiberto Ojeda Rios. In 2005, on September 23rd, a national holiday in Puerto Rico that commemorates an uprising against Spanish colonial rule, the FBI assassinated Filiberto Ojeda Rios in an effort to demoralize the independence movement. The communique below refers to the assassination of Comandante Filiberto and the historical connection to the 1930’s, an era of incredibly harsh, even barbaric repression against the independence movement and the Nationalist Party in particular, which was the vanguard independence organization of the time. 
– vagabond


JULY 23, 2011 

Sisters and brothers of Puerto Rico:

The disgraceful figures of governor Blanton Winship and of police chief Elisha Francis Riggs, who in the 30’s represented the most extreme repression against the independence movement, especially against the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party, has again had an accurate reincarnation in the performance of Luis Fraticelli and Jose Figueroa Sancha against the independence-supporting political opposition of our country. First, it would be well served to denote what is the “political opposition” at this moment. As we know, the role of the so-called opposition of the PPD [Popular Democratic Party, Commonwealth status supporters] and of others has been disappointing, even though they have the ease of being able to expose the abuses of this administration; and, notwithstanding, the empire decided to attack the most dangerous part of its occupation of our country: that which keeps it at bay. It decided to take on those of us who view armed struggle as a legitimate right toward being free.

Our opposition, which will never retreat nor negotiate its positions, became the continuous objective in the plans of these two sinister characters (Fraticelli and Figueroa Sancha), who live in the continuous negation of what their natural homeland really is. Why did or do they dedicate their energies to attack the independence sector that preserves the right to armed struggle? Why did or do they target those who do not have an electoral political party, or rather, that group that can organize press conferences at any time yet exists in the underground? And finally, why go against the Puerto Rican insurgency? This shows us how important it is for a country that is politically subjugated to maintain alive the process of armed struggle. It is now, when it has even more relevance, as stated by our comrade Comandante Filiberto Ojeda Rios, “…we are the revolutionary rearguard”, that it backs up the struggles of our people to be free. This rearguard, as we have stated earlier, has become the most important objective of Fraticelli and Figueroa Sancha’s plan. And we ask ourselves, how much did they achieve with their criminal goals?

During multiple interviews, before leaving his post, the disgraceful director of the FBI claimed among his achievements the assassination of our comrade Filiberto and the imprisonment of Avelino and Norberto Gonzalez Claudio, due to their being instrumental pieces of the million dollar expropriation from Wells Fargo in 1983. Refusing continuously to admit the assassination of Filiberto Ojeda Rios, Fraticelli attempted, using the corporate press, or rather the large media outlets (El Nuevo Dia, Primera Hora, El Vocero, and others), to justify the execution, for which he blamed the incident on our comrade. However, this disgusting agent forgot that his own superiors in the imperialist federal government criticized him for at least six (6) basic errors in the operation of the execution and in the management of the situation. All of this is contained in an extensive document, put out by the Office of the Inspector General of the United States, which contradict the achievements that he repeatedly tries to have people believe, using journalists for the task. Apart from being a murderer, he is a perfect liar.

With regard to the arrests of Avelino and Norberto, this only shows us that it is the active agenda of the FBI to continue to search for more Macheteros which should lead us to examine the role we play in the decomposition of the colony. The visits by federal agents to responsible citizens in our society, the vulgar surveillance of those citizens and the use of technology to invade everyone’s privacy only exposes the desperation felt by a system that fears every day that the true representative of the struggle against imperialism gains ground within the national consciousness. As was heard and observed, this was expressed by Fraticelli himself, in one of his expositions of public relations, when he stated that: “there will always be Macheteros”. This reality, expressed like a reading on the wall of the national conscience, illustrates the greatest fear: his and of the so-called security agencies of the United States: Los Macheteros represent the revolutionary rearguard of a people that seeks how to confront the elements of repression previously mentioned.

Although the departure of Fraticelli was capitalized on in the media by him in his interest towards damage control, that of his partner, Jose Figueroa Sancha, was carried out with very little explanation by his part, regarding his failure. He did not elaborate on his decisions and his contribution to the repression of independence supporters, because again, the media, accomplices of these ruffians, carried out their usual damage control. The ad campaigns and the business that this represents with other clients were successful in keeping critiques of this issue to nothing. However, the free media coverage that the corporate media gave to Fraticelli compromised Figueroa Sancha in the widely accepted perception that his job, that of being a tool for his master, implicates him in the reality of his other failure: “there will always be Macheteros”. The experience of having lived with these two things (Fraticelli and Figueroa Sancha), reincarnations of Winship and Riggs, leaves us with a profound task of defending those who were the victims of these two armed fools of the empire: with continued denunciations, with the support of armed struggle as a tactic and strategy against colonialism, and the resolve of our struggle to demonstrate that another Puerto Rico is possible: FREE AND SOVEREIGN.

LOS MACHETEROS WILL ALWAYS EXIST!, because the HOMELAND demands it for its preservation.




23 DE JULIO DE 2011

Hermanas y hermanos puertorriqueños:

Las nefastas figuras del gobernador Blanton Winship y del jefe policial Elisha Francis Riggs, quienes, en los años treinta (30), representaron los mas extremos de la represión contra el movimiento independentista, muy en especial, contra el Partido Nacionalista Puertorriqueño, han vuelto a tener una fiel reencarnación en la ejecutorias de Luis Fraticelli y Jose Figueroa Sancha, hacia la oposición política independentista de nuestro país. Antes, sería bueno señalar lo que es la “oposición política” en este momento. Como sabemos, ha sido decepcionante el rol de la llamada oposición del PPD y otros, que tienen la facilidad de señalar a diario los atropellos de esta administración; y, no obstante, el imperio decidió atacar la parte más peligrosa para su enseñoreo sobre nuestra tierra: la que lo mantiene a raya. Decidió emprenderla contra los que vemos la lucha armada, como un legítimo derecho a ser libres.

La oposición nuestra, la que nunca retirará ni negociará su postura, resultó ser el objetivo continuo en la agenda de estos dos funestos personajes (Fraticelli y Figueroa Sancha), que viven en la continua negación de lo que es su patria natural. ¿Por qué dedicaron o dedican sus esfuerzos a atacar al independentismo que sostiene el derecho a la lucha armada? ¿Por qué apuntaron o apuntan a quienes no tienen un partido electoral, o sea, a la agrupación que puede convocar conferencias de prensa en cualquier momento y vive en la clandestinidad? En fin, ¿por qué ir contra la insurgencia puertorriqueña? Esto nos demuestra, cuan importante es para un país subyugado políticamente, sostener vivo el proceso de la lucha armada. Es ahora, cuando cobra mayor vigencia, lo que dijo nuestro compañero, Comandante Filiberto Ojeda Ríos, “…somos la retaguardia revolucionaria”, que va tras las luchas que libra nuestro pueblo para ser libre. Esa retaguardia, como dijimos antes, se convirtió en el objetivo más importante del plan de Fraticelli y Figueroa Sancha. Y nosotros preguntamos, ¿cuánto lograron en su meta criminal?

En múltiples entrevistas, antes de su salida del cargo, el nefasto director del FBI, reclama entre sus logros, el asesinato de nuestro compañero Filiberto y el encarcelamiento de Avelino y Norberto González Claudio, por ser estos, piezas instrumentales de la expropiación millonaria de la Wells Fargo en 1983. Negándose, continuamente, a reconocer el asesinato de Filiberto Ojeda Ríos, Fraticelli intentó, utilizando la prensa corporativa, o sea, a los grandes medios de comunicación (El Nuevo Día, Primera Hora, El Vocero, y otros), justificar la ejecución, para lo cual, responsabilizo al compañero por lo sucedido. Sin embargo, este asqueroso agente se olvidó, que sus propios jefes del gobierno federal imperialista, lo señalaron, por lo menos, en seis (6) errores básicos en el operativo de ejecución y la crítica en el manejo de la situación. Todo esto obra en un extenso documento, hecho por la Oficina del Inspector General de los Estados Unidos, en el cual se desmienten los logros que repetidamente hace creer a la gente, utilizando a los periodistas para eso. Además de asesino, es un perfecto embustero.

En cuanto a los arrestos de Avelino y Norberto, ello solo demuestra que es una agenda activa del FBI, continuar buscando más macheteros, lo cual, nos debe llevar a reflexionar sobre el rol que cumplimos, en la actual pudrición de la colonia. Las visitas de agentes federales a ciudadanos responsables en esta sociedad; las torpes vigilancias a éstos y el uso de la tecnología para invadir la privacidad de todos, solo exponen la desesperación de un sistema, que teme cada día, a que el verdadero ente representativo de la lucha contra el imperialismo, logre mas terreno en la conciencia nacional. Como habrán escuchado y observado, eso quedo expresado por el propio Fraticelli, en una de sus exposiciones de relaciones publicas, cuando manifestó que: “siempre existirán Macheteros”. Esa realidad, manifestada como una lectura en la pared de la conciencia nacional, ilustra el mas grande temor: el de él y el de la agencia mal llamadas de “seguridad” de los Estados Unidos: Los Macheteros representan la retaguardia revolucionaria de un pueblo que busca como enfrentar a los elementos de represión, como los ya mencionados.

Si bien la salida de Fraticelli ha sido capitalizada mediáticamente por él, para su interés de reparar daños; la de su yunta, Jose Figueroa Sancha, se dio con muy pocas explicaciones de su parte, sobre su fracaso. No abundó sobre sus decisiones y su aportación a la represión independentista, porque, otra vez, los medios de publicidad, cómplices de estos rufianes, hicieron su acostumbrado control de daños. Las campañas de anuncios y el negocio que eso representa con sus demás clientes lograron que la crítica sobre ese tema fuera nula. Sin embargo, el afán publicitario gratuito que la prensa corporativa le dio a Fraticelli comprometió a Figueroa Sancha en la percepción aceptada de que su trabajo, el ser de alicate del amo, lo implica en la realidad de su otro fracaso: “siempre habrá Macheteros”. La experiencia vivida con estos dos elementos (Fraticelli y Figueroa Sancha), reencarnadores de Winship y Riggs, nos deja con la profunda encomienda de defender a quienes fueron victimas de estos dos burros armados del imperio, con la denuncia continua; con el sostén de la lucha armada como estrategia y táctica contra el coloniaje; y la firmeza en nuestra lucha para demostrar que otro Puerto Rico es posible: LIBRE Y SOBERANO. ¡SIEMPRE EXISTIRAN LOS MACHETEROS!, porque la PATRIA así lo reclama para su preservación.



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