Junky Jesus

Junky Jesus by vagabond ©
Junky Jesus by vagabond ©

junkie jesus (for saint miguelito)

junkie jesus genocide
preacher pusher porto rican pride
locked inside a suicide
a ghetto slide
to the low-east side
a genesis of bible blood and piss
slum slit wrist tecato terrorist
bowery bombed out nickle bag nihilist
rican revolver revelation realist
starvation army shopping list pharmacist
barrio botanica baptised addict alchemist
turning words into war
puerto poems for the poor
cultural colonization’s cure
detonated drug store whore
entering through the bodega back stage door
with a santeria switch blade knife
shoplift sold survivor strife
writing for your life
because death is a blank page
an empty stage
minimum wage
a sing sing cage
an unwritten word
a life absurd
a voice unheard
a dream deferred
the need to create
a twist of fate
a culture of hate
the police state
pushing a broom
a roach infested room
a stillbirth in the womb
a weekend in the tomb
the 82nd psalm
the storm before the calm
a dirty needle in the arm
or an attica alarm

– by Not4Prophet ©

Shortlink: http://wp.me/p1eniL-8k


3 thoughts on “Junky Jesus”

  1. Great poem! Love the images and the word plays. Love the use of religious imagery to evoke a sense of urgency. Your Jesus seems less of an enshrined icon and more of a revelation bursting into the now. Was there a nod to Dylan in there?

    1. Although i DO appreciate Dylan, there was/is no real nod to Bob there. Vagabond is (partially) correct when he says that the nod was to Miguel Pinero himself. In fact, the poem was an homage to ALL the original Nuyorican poets who helped teach us NeoRicans to come how to speak in our own seditious street survival slanguages…..

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